Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

Jean Oliver and the late Vincent Oliver


Jean and Vincent’s love of the performing arts brought them to the Kennedy Center countless times during their 35 years of marriage. Vincent particularly loved the symphonic music, while Jean’s passion has always been theater and dance. They happily indulged each other by sharing artistic interests as much as possible. The Kennedy Center mourns Vincent Oliver’s passing in December of 1999.

Jean has been volunteering with the Friends of the Kennedy Center since 1997. You will find her every Friday giving tours and sharing her love for the Center and its mission. Jean believes “the Center has grown to embrace people from all walks of life. It is truly a place for all individuals to come together and experience the magic of the performing arts.” She is also a vital member of the Kennedy Center Circles Board and particularly enjoys the infectious enthusiasm her fellow members show for the Kennedy Center.

Knowing they wished to continue supporting the performing arts into the future, Jean and Vincent decided include the Kennedy Center in their estate plan with a bequest. Jean says she is pleased that “They will have a lasting legacy at the Center for many generations to come.”

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